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Who Are We?

The National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc. (NHBW) is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization formally established in 1974. Our national agenda dedicates itself to improving the lives of women and their families through support of the arts, culture, health, education, and human service programs. Our goal is to affect the community at its source.


Attained achievement comes through the empowerment of local chapters who best define the needs of their communities and who can institute programs effectively at the grass roots level that are within the scope of NHBW’s national agenda.

Our Mission: 
  • Support and sponsor community-based health and human service initiatives

  • Present and preserve the achievements of African- American women and their significant contribution to society

  • Promote and sponsor projects that improve and enrich lives through the arts and cultural currents of the community

  • Prepare women and girls for community service and leadership

  • Advocate for the well-being of women and their families

  • The women of the National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc (NHBW):

    • Share skills and knowledge with others

    • Build relationship ties with women across the country

    • Acquire leadership, management, public speaking, and advocacy skills

    • Create opportunities that enable women to affect meaningful changes in their personal and professional life

    • Initiate and support programs that produce a better quality of life for our families and our communities

    • Mentor girls and young women to achieve their highest potential

    • Are committed to the preservation and dignity of the family

    • Disseminate vital information and resources to members and the community on issues that impact their well-being

    • Are committed to the mission of the organization and its programs                                                                                                                                                                                


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