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                                         ELAINE DAVIS-NICKENS SCHOLARSHIP


The Atlanta Metro Chapter Scholarship honors our dear sister, Ms. Elaine Davis-Nickens, who was an integral part in the success of our Chapter.


Ms. Elaine Davis-Nickens was born July 14, 1945. In 1963, Elaine graduated from McKinley High School in Washington, D.C. and is a graduate of Howard University. Growing up in a family who was always active in the community, it is no surprise that Elaine would dedicate her life to advocacy for women, youth and families. 


Elaine's community involvement spans various organizations. She worked with Planned Parenthood of Washington and Teens Count where she used her skills as a workshop leader, covering topics such as Domestic Violence and building healthy relationships. She co- founded Angie’s House, Inc. in the State of Maryland, a nonprofit organization honoring her niece, a victim of Domestic Violence who did not survive. The organization created an awareness of the effects of family violence on women and children. Elaine moved to Conyers Georgia and continued the work with Angie’s House as Executive Director in Conyers, Georgia.


Elaine was the co-founder and President of National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc. (NHBW, Inc.), Southern Maryland Chapter.  After moving to Conyers Georgia, she served as the Parliamentarian and Bylaws Chair of NHBW Inc, Atlanta Metro Chapter. 


Ms. Elaine Davis-Nickens passed away passed away on February 20, 2020. She was a viable part of the Conyers and Atlanta Metro area communities, devoting her time serving the communities.


SCHOLARSHIP PURPOSE: The purpose of the Elaine Davis-Nickens Scholarship is to recognize and honor Atlanta Metro Chapter area students who have demonstrated academic excellence, concern for their community and the family, and a desire to continue their education.


ABOUT NATIONAL HOOK-UP OF BLACK WOMEN, INC. (NHBW, INC.):  NHBW, Inc. was established in 1974 as a communication network between women’s organizations and individuals to support the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative efforts and to provide a national forum to articulate the needs and concerns of Black women and families. The Atlanta Metro Chapter of the NHBW, Inc. was founded and chartered in April 2012.


NHBW, INC. MISSION STATEMENT:  NHBW, Inc. is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and their families through support of the arts, culture, education, health wellness and social service programs. 


NHBW, INC. MEMBERSHIP:  NHBW, Inc. membership reflects a rich diversity of dedicated women from varied business, professional, and community disciplines, representing a broad constituency that crosses all economic, social and educational backgrounds. Membership is open to anyone who embraces the mission of the organization.

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